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We stared at each other for about two seconds, before he reached out to me. He took me into his arms as I hugged him and whispered, lovely to meet you. Yeah, wow, was all I could reply.

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The hot, horny bitch stands without clothes except for her lingerie and heels. How hot is this lass? Yeah, I kind of like it like that. Not too many people to get in the way. I blushed at her bluntness and struggled to find a good response. Please, I moaned.

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I told her I want to do it in the park. She was scared at first but we agreed upon the condition I put up. We started licking madly, I pulled up her top and held her knockers and tasted the juice out of it. She was moaning in pleasure but I kept my hand on her mouth as I was afraid that if anyone heard us we would be in trouble. Her moaning which was trapped with my hand was making my hand tremble. one of her hand was rolling on my breasts from top to down. My mind was overloaded with all the things happening. Her tight beautiful pussy was fucking my willy unlike anything I had ever experienced. Even more, I was in awe of her beautiful beauty and awesome tits right in front of me as I stuffed my giant penis as deep as I could inside her. To feel his slide his arms around me, cup my heapy jugs and pull me into him as he kisses down the side of my neck. Feeling his massive willy grow behind me with need, feeling my own wetness as my body shuddered. I want to feel his massive hands kneading my breasts, unlike anything I've ever experienced. Kind of touch I ever want to experience. The first thing that you will notice from Britsex hottie Willow Jey would have to be her huge breats as she has 1 the most incredible pair of knockers out of any Britsex cutie out there!

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